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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a wedding planner?

Hiring a wedding planner makes sure that important details of your wedding are not missed. Your planner will guide you through the planning process in order to alleviate the stress of planning your own wedding. 

There are over 5,000 details a wedding planner has to take care of for you.

2. Can a wedding planner help you see your money's worth?

Yes. A Master Certified Wedding Planner in particular is trained with the skills to help you review or manage your budget. Furthermore, we will pass down to you the perks and we receive from our special partnerships with wedding professionals.


3. What types of weddings do you plan?

- We are a Full Service Luxury Weddings and Events Management Company. We provide timeless Weddings and Events, that create memorable moments!  

We provide Luxurious & Modern Events for Couples, and we also specialise in Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Weddings

4. Why is it important that I hire a Master Certified Wedding Planner?

A Master Certified Wedding Planner has invested time and money into their training and continuing education to learn skills that culminate in planning a smooth and successful wedding day. Wedding planning is rated by Forbes Magazine as No.5 of the most stressful jobs. We handle over 5,000 details that go into planning your wedding.

5. How can we Hire you for our Wedding? 

Schedule you initial complimentary consultation below.

What should I do next?

Schedule your complimentary initial consultation with your Master Certified Wedding Planner to discuss your wedding in detail!

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