Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do I need a wedding planner?

A Certified Wedding Planner makes sure that important details of your  wedding are not missed. They help guide you through the planning process, in order to alleviate your stress of planning a wedding.


2. Can a wedding planner really save me money?

Yes. A Master Certified Wedding Planner is trained with the skills to help you review or manage your budget. Furthermore, we pass down to you the perks  and discounts we receive from our special partnerships with wedding professionals.


3. What types of weddings do you plan?

- Month of Coordination (All Under Control)

- Accompanied Planning (It Takes Two)

- Full Planning (Relaxation To Bliss) *This is our most popular package*

4. My venue already has an onsite coordinator, how are they different than a planner?

The onsite coordinator works for the venue, while the wedding planner works for you.

5. What do most planners charge for planning services and why?

Prices vary depending on your area and experience of the planner. There are over 5,000 details a wedding planner has to take care of for you.

6. Do you receive "kick-backs" from wedding professionals?

No. Any discounts received are passed on to you to help with your wedding planning.

7. Do you take credit cards?

Yes we do.

8. Do you charge for the initial consultation?

No.Your initial Consultation is Complimentary and is free to you. Here is where I hear your wishes and dreams and help answer any questions you may have, while offering you some wedding coaching and design consultation.

9. How do you dress for my wedding?

I dress descently making sure I do not bring attention to myself, and comfortably enough, to execute all my duties for the success of your wedding.

10. Why is it important that I hire a CERTIFIED planner?

A CERTIFIED wedding planner has invested time and money in their training  and continued education, and has earned and learnt skills that culminate in planning a smooth and successful wedding day. Wedding planning is rated by Forbes Magazine as No.5 of the most stressful jobs. We handle over 5,000 details that go into planning your wedding.

What to Do Next?

Schedule Your Complimentary Initial Consultation with Your Master Certified Wedding Planner to Discuss Your Wedding in Details!