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"They created our dream wedding" - Nia & Brandon

Moments So Lovely brought our dream wedding to life, and I couldn't be more thankful. - Nia Kettler

We were so happily surprised with how beautiful the venue looked when we walked in. We were a bit worried since the venue was on the smaller side, however Leendah and her team not only made it work, but turned it into such a beautiful and intimate ceremony and reception. Everything was organized and scheduled out so that there was no worry as to what was next on the agenda day of. An absolute beautiful day:) Gorgeous Venue We can't say enough how impressed we were with how beautiful the venue was. The team was very professional, polite, and wanted to make sure everything was as perfect as it could possibly be. We didn't feel stressed at all the day of because we had plenty of meetings to organize and make sure how the day would go. Organization was a 100/10 as well as beauty! We were given great guidance as to what steps we needed to get done throughout the process. Our wedding was very soon by the time we got Moments so Lovely's help, but it didn't stop them from making it such a beautiful day:)

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